Learning and Teaching in a 1:1 Environment: An Immersion Experience

Welcome to this professional development experience. In this PD session, you will be immersed in a 1:1 classroom experience where project based learning is the focus through 1:1 learning/teaching best practice. Your colleagues and you will collaboratively create a Virtual Civil Rights Museum using a wiki platform- illustrating the power of 1:1 computing and its ability to bring down the barriers of time and space. After completing the project, you will peer review the innovative museum artifacts created by 80+ participants. Your goal is not only to fully participate in this 1:1 web 2.0 experience but also to reflect on how your learning is different in this context than in a "traditional" classroom.

After completing the museum, you will reflect upon the 1:1 immersion experience, and through formal and informal discussion, provide insight into 1:1 learning/teaching best practice. We are hoping you will leave this session with access to a model 1:1 classroom lesson plan based upon the NC 11th grade Standard Course of Study, a guide for 1:1 learning/teaching best practice as developed collaboratively by your peers, and access to the Virtual Civil Rights Museum for further reflection, professional development, and classroom use.