About Joselyn Todd

Name: Joselyn Todd
Email: joselyn_todd@caryacademy.org
Position: Instructional Technology Outreach Director
School: Cary Academy
Ms. Todd currently serves as the Instructional Technology Outreach Director at Cary Academy. She has a unique teaching experience in which she has taught 11 years in a 1:1 classroom (3 years with laptops, 8 years with desktops). Her expertise is in curriculum development in STEM areas while leveraging technology for project based learning. Ms Todd has served for 7 years as the middle school Science Department Chair at Cary Academy and currently serves as a consultant for the Friday Institute on the NC 1:1 Learning Collaborative. In a former lifetime, Ms. Todd completed her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois and served as a 3 year NSF-USDA-DOE Fellowship Postdoctoral Research Associate at North Carolina State University. Her research focus included the function of non-coding human DNA sequences in plants as a model system as well as transgene silencing.